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Improve your user experience with this simple design trick

Looking for a simple way to enhance user experience on your website?

It’s as simple as adding white space.

White space refers to the empty space between paragraphs, pictures, buttons, icons and other items on your web page. In web design, it’s one of the many areas that can affect customer perception and their subsequent experience.

Don’t misunderstand, though. We aren’t talking about creating “pretty” pages. We’re talking about design.

And in design, how you deal with white space can have a dramatic impact on your users’ experience and their purchasing decisions.

Read on to see five ways white space adds power to your web pages

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Why you should care about web accessibility

Research has shown that almost 30% of internet users have a disability of some sort.

As such, as user experience designers we need to make sure that we cater for these disabilities so that the widest possible audience can use our website or application.

This means designing with accessibility and disability in mind, from the outset.

Get some simple user experience guidelines and mobile accessibility rules on Usabilla.

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What is the best call to action phrase for you

When designing your website or application, one of the many areas you explore “calls to action”.

What phrases or statements do you need to encourage the user to take the steps necessary to complete an action?

What terms should you include to ensure that your calls to action (CTA) are clear to the user? What language or tone of voice do you use to get your message across?

Find out more about what works

Call to action

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