About me

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I’m Leanne

I help organisations design, create and deliver exceptional user centred digital products.

  • 17 year’s experience in digital solution research, design and delivery.
  • A strategic, analytical and conceptual design and support lead with strong practitioner skills, dealing with stakeholders, end users and teams at all levels.
  • Sound technology and project management background, working across multi-cultural audiences, cross sector and platform/device agnostic.

At heart I am a designer and creator of visual, digital and technical experiences. Whether this is designing software, content, apps or painting a pet portrait, I think about the experience I’m aiming to create and what the end product/service should be – based on how people are going to use it and how I want the end user to feel about it.

  • User Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability Testing
  • Content creation
  • User Research
  • AGILE (Scrum) and Prince2 methodologies

I’m passionate about digital and creative experiences – an ambitious motivated design lead with a “can do” attitude.

My art is primarily around pets and wild animals. Having grown up in Africa, I’ve always had a love of nature and animals and these subjects tend to be the focus of my work, with oil and chalk pastels being the main mediums. I’ve been painting since 1997 and most of my art is in private collections and on a commission basis.