Colourful endearing Yellow weaver


Original artwork of a male yellow weaver building a nest complete in Acrylics on a 25cm diameter stretched round canvas. Titled “A Weavers Work” and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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Weavers are industrious and quite often perfectionist when it comes to building their nests. The Yellow Weaver male has striking intense yellow feathers often with some orange towards the top with a black head and red eyes.  While that sounds strange, when combined, they look really beautiful.

When it comes to making nests, this is the job of the male. The male uses their claws and beak to weave nests from long grasses. They wrap the grasses around branches and weave everything together to make a secure oval shaped nest.

This little 25cm Ø stretched canvas shows a male weaver, working on his nest. Once it is complete he will be able to show it off to his chosen mate. He may make several partial nests, but once he has found a mate, he will finish the nest.



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Dimensions25 × 25 × 1,5 cm