Delightful Bee Eaters Limited Edition of 150


Signed, titled and numbered A3 Limited Edition Print with Certificate of Authenticity of two European Bee eaters, one feeding the other. Created from an original acrylic painting, printed on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm, an archival quality fine art vegan eco friendly inkjet paper.

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The behaviour of bee eaters is a delight to watch. Their energetic and often elegant flight, the way they swarm, swoop, dive and dart around flying insects and bees, and how they interact with each other is such a pleasure to watch – and of course, photograph and paint! I can spend hours on end doing this – and indeed I did – to capture a series of photographs during a trip to Hungary one May.  In order not to disturb the bee eaters, and so encourage their natural behaviours, I was in a stealth hide for the best part of 4 hours taking photos of a flock of bee eaters during the mating season.

I was drawn to this image because of the interaction between the two bee eaters.  A male, wanting to mate, was enticing the female with a bee and sure enough after she had consumed his offering the mating proceeded.  Animal behaviour is always interesting to observe and I believe adds to my painting, where my art is able to reflect a genuine real life event occurring in nature.

I hope you all enjoy this image as much as I do!


*Please note the prints are not framed and images shown are purely representative of how the print could look in different frames and settings.

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