Entrancing Brown Hare – “Wild and Free” pastel


Framed in a pale grey wood, this Brown Hare was drawn to recapture a special afternoon in some grass fields just outside of Kiskunság National Park in one of the sections in Hungary. Measuring 35cm x 29cm finished, its a delightful small pastel hare portrait.

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During a trip to the Kiskunság National Park (Hungary) we happened across several wild Brown Hares in the poppy fields and grass fields, enjoying themselves in the late afternoon, eating and romping around.

Fortunately, I managed to find a nice shady spot where I could sit and watch these delightful hares, so wild and free. With such limited human contact, they were fairly curious about their human watcher albeit a tiny bit wary.

An afternoon of silence with just bird song and a gentle breeze in the background made the time spent with these hares extra special and I hope I have captured their amazingly long whiskers, brown and grey hair and enormous ears in this pastel portrait view.


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Weight720 g
Dimensions29 × 1,5 × 35 cm