Mocking inquisitive African Wild Dog – “The Joker”


Framed in black wood with a white mount, measuring 55cm x 75cm this inquisitive wild dog is crafted with charcoal, chalk pastel and pan pastel on thick black fine art paper. The wild dog is also known as the painted dog or African hunting dog. Titled “The Joker” and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Whilst on a photographic safari in Moremi we had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with different packs of hunting dogs. Some were hunting and some were just doing what most do during the heat of the day – resting under a shady tree!

This particular wild dog was a youngster, part of a large pack taking respite in a shady spot. We stopped to take a look and a few photos, and this prompted some movement from the pack with this particular one taking a keen interest in us and our vehicle.

I was lucky enough to be at an incredibly advantageous angle to take great close up shots of this inquisitive, and curious wild dog who came across as quite playful, even joking in some respects – hence his name!  That was until the alpha female came over and put him in his place of course but she will be the subject of another portrait or painting.

Moremi Game Reserve is a superb place to see an interact with the wild dogs in Botswana as the reserve is next to private concessions and with no fences etc they are free to roam and hunt in wide spaces. Read more about the painted dogs in Botswana.

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Dimensions55 × 2 × 75 cm

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