Colourful relaxed Sumatra Tiger – “Nias” original pastel artwork


With a 3.5cm wide black frame to enhance the bright oranges and brown tones of this Sumatra Tiger “Nias”, this large portrait view is made with soft pastel, pan pastel and a touch of charcoal on heavy duty fine art pastel paper. Finished size is approx 46cm x 56cm.

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The Sumatran Tigers are endangered and as such there are breeding programs in several parts of the world, to help reintroduce the species and mix the gene pool. These stunning big cats are one of my favourites to draw, mainly because of the powerful emotions that can be seen in their incredible eyes.

I’m very fortunate to have been able to spend a lot of time at the Big Cat Sanctuary in the UK, back in the day when Nias was with them.  He is the subject of this portrait as well as my monochrome mixed media tiger.

Several countries and organisations are part of ensuring this species of tiger does not go extinct. Read more about what people are doing to help.


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Dimensions45,5 × 1 × 56 cm